How Can I Obtain a Preauthorization for a Patient?

The Direct Dental Provider Web Portal allows providers to submit authorizations electronically, expediting the authorization determination process.

How to Request a Preauthorization in the Provider Portal
  1. 1. Navigate to the Direct Dental Provider Web Portal
  2. 2. Select Submit Authorizations from the Authorizations tab in the top navigation panel.
  3. 3. Select either the Skip Review and Submit button or the Review Requirements and Submit button to submit the authorization.

Please be advised the turnaround time for authorizations submitted outside of the Direct Dental Provider Web Portal is 15-30 business days:

Postal Mail

Direct Dental Authorizations
PO Box 1287
Milwaukee, WI 53201

​Authorization Fax
Fax: 866-849-2038

Authorization Email

Looking for a pre-claim estimate?

Pre-claim estimates can be obtained via the Direct Dental Provider Web Portal.


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