Dental benefits designed by a dentist

Welcome to Direct Dental!  We provide dental plans designed with YOU in mind.

Our dental plans are designed by a dentist to include “more health” and fewer restrictions than a typical dental plan. Your particular plan is specifically built to provide the most dental care within the budget of funds available from your employer.

All Direct Dental plans are designed to:

  • Improve your access to care by allowing you to see any dentist throughout the world
  • Improve your dental health by rewarding preventive and diagnostic care with 100% coverage
  • Reduce your out of pocket costs through access to the Dental Health Alliance (DHA) PPO Network of dentists offering fees 25% to 30% below regular rates

Each plan is unique to each employer. We urge you to reference your specific plan summary information available in the Member Web Portal or from your employer to better understand how Direct Dental partners with you to keep you and your family smiling throughout the years.