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When you submit claims as soon as possible after treatment is completed, you help us process claims more efficiently, using the patient’s most current eligibility and benefits to determine payment.

Generally, claims received more than 12 months after the date of treatment may not be paid. Some programs may require you to submit claims within a shorter period of time (ex., 90 days).

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Claim Submission Mailing Addresses

Dental Claims
Direct Dental Claims
PO Box 497
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Vision Claims

Direct Dental Vision Claims
PO Box 192
Milwaukee, WI 53201


Direct Dental Appeals
PO Box 1334
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Corrected Claims

Direct Dental Corrected Claims
PO Box 1287
Milwaukee, WI 53201


Direct Dental Authorizations
PO Box 1287
Milwaukee, WI 53201

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